thank you for looking to the cookie for your jewelry needs.

vintage cookie is a small jewelry design studio that strives to recreate one-of-a-kind jewelry. we emphasize the word recreate because almost all of our pieces are made with a reclaimed or rediscovered item or two. the thrill of the “find” is captured in each of our pieces. the rest of the materials we use are high quality stones and metals as well as other recycled materials (think lucite).

we were raised making elbow macaroni necklaces and clover flower veils. even though we’ve grown up —as has our jewelry— the materials we use are still equally as organic and resourceful.

the fundamentals of vintage cookie are simple: rediscover, redesign, rewear. these are the rules we live by —and we have the ears, necks, and wrists to prove it! check out our latest creations here.
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